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Zoho - Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications for Businesses
Zoho is used as an application, which can integrate with a lot of online services and networks.
14 February 2019
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CMS: WordPress
More than 40% of all websites are built by WordPress. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL as a basis for work. Thanks to WordPress you can create...
12 February 2019
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Online shops and ways of their creating
Nowadays in time of the Internet technologies, Internet-shops become more popular. Thanks to Internet-shops employers may increase the number of products, expand the geographical sphere and save money on rent.
10 February 2019
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Types of websites
...technologies websites became the most popular tools for business promotion. There are a lot of different types of websites, which have some distinguishing features...
04 February 2019
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Work with clients in IT companies
...appoint tasks to developers and to share progress with clients it is using planners or task-managers. The most famous planners are Jira, Trello, Zoho Projects, Basecamp, Planner. Their work based on Japanese Kanban system...
01 February 2019
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Team game or why there is safety in numbers?
It doesn't matter how brilliant your mind is - if you play alone, you will always lose to those, who play in the team.
30 January 2019
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CRM: Customer Relationship Management
...use such CRM-systems as Zoho and BPM. Moreover, 2 our developers have certificated in CRM. Only 10 specialists in Ukraine have this kind of certificate and 2 of them work in our company.
28 January 2019
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...B2B is a strategy of co-working between 2 businesses. Our company Synapse Team also provides good service of web-development to another company.
24 January 2019
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Ready! Steady! Go!
We have amazing news for you, guys! We want announce that we start working. We are Synapse team, who works in Web-development sphere
23 January 2019