Team game or why there is safety in numbers?

30 January 2019

Everyone knows popular social network Linkedin, which widely uses for job search and communication between people with the same interests and passions. The founder of Linkedin, Reid Hoffman once said: "It doesn't matter how brilliant your mind is - if you play alone, you will always lose to those, who play in the team." So, why it is extremely important to work in a team?

Firstly, the team can achieve more than one person and it gives an opportunity to work with big projects. Moreover, the team can propose more solution due to a number of people and it is a great advantage. Likewise, the teamwork can decrease the level of mistakes. Also, experienced colleagues may share with you additional information. Due to this fact, you can increase your qualification and get more knowledge.

If you want to work in a team you should know some principles:

  • The team always make decisions together
  • Teammates always respect each over
  • Work in a team can be grating opportunity to study a lot of new things
  • You should be able to communicate with your teammates and to resolve conflicts
  • You should be able to accept criticism

Following these simple rules will help you to be maximally effective in the team. These pieces of advice are popular in all successful companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google etc. Only these rules can lead the team to better results. Also, there are some characteristics, which are appropriate for all successful team:

  • Singularity. Every person on the team has a feeling of unusual goal. This goal is pushing them to increase own effectiveness and to make efforts to achieve the goal quicker.
  • Autonomy. Such kind of team is self-organized and self-managed.
  • Multifunctionality. These teams are able to create a  whole product by themselves.

To sum up, teamwork is so important that it is almost impossible to reach the heights of your abilities or earn the desired money without achieving success in a team.

We have big enough team, despite this fact we work as a coherent whole and always support each other. We are so proud to have a cohesive team, what helps us to do our best to deliver you a high-quality service. Each of us is professional in own sphere and always ready to help you. Welcome to Synapse Team!