Work with clients in IT companies

01 February 2019

The main goal of the most part of IT companies is to deliver high-quality service to clients. Customers in their turn want to have a guarantee about conscientious work. It is precisely for those purposes IT companies use planners and messengers.

The easiest way to appoint tasks to developers and to share progress with clients it is using planners or task-managers. The most famous planners are Jira, Trello, Zoho Projects, Basecamp, Planner. Their work based on Japanese Kanban system. Thanks to these systems you can:

  • Control tasks performance
  • Create a desk due to the topic and add lists and cards
  • Use task-manager online or offline

Such kind of planners can be a perfect alternative to the usual notebook. 

In IT companies this feature is used by the client, Project Manager, and Developers. A client creates new tasks and add them to the planner, Developers do tasks, project Manager control tasks performance by Developers.

All our clients prefer Trello. It has such an advantage:

  • The simple interface
  • It is free in use
  • Integration with other online tools and messengers

Also, we use Projects Zoho. It is multifunctional software for creating and control projects. Using of Projects Zoho give us an opportunity to:

  • Keep projects with ease
  • Get in-depth insights with Gantt charts
  • Collaborate seamlessly
  • Keep track of time
  • Track and fix issues fast
  • Manage your documents

For those, who like a creative approach to the work we propose to use Real Time Board. This feature gives the opportunity to create tasks as stickers and add to the big imagine desk. Also, you can add documents, images and write something thanks to brush.

Another good way to share information with clients and communicate with a team is messengers. The most popular are Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Skype, Zoom, Upwork Messenger.

Slack is messengers, which widely used by IT companies to communicate with the client and between each other. Creating the workspaces and channels are the main advantages.

It is comfortable to use Skype or Zoom when you need to discuss a lot of information about the project with the client.

Messenger is often used by clients from the USA and It is an alternative to the Telegram.

Upwork Messenger is used in case of working with clients from Upwork.

Our company also use the newest planners and messengers to create a high-quality product and to share results with clients. We care about our customers and guarantee regular support and communication.