Types of websites

04 February 2019

Nowadays in the age of Internet technologies websites became the most popular tools for business promotion. There are a lot of different types of websites, which have some distinguishing features. These features are appropriate for a different kind of business. That is why it is important to know about websites type.


Personal Website:

It is a website, which consists of content about a person. I most cases such type of sites is created by the owner for becoming popular, finding new friends, kindred spirits and business contacts.

Personal websites usually have one page and complicated design to emphasize personality.


Personal Blog:

This is a website, which consists of posts with information or files on one subject.

Blogs usually have short posts, which is shown due to the time of the publication. Also, there are comments and likes in the blogs. Blogs are used by bloggers to earn money on content and advertisement.

This type of sites consists of few pages with a simple structure. Some pages may be topical.


Online Business Card:

It is the most popular type of sites. It is consists of the main information about business and is created for advertisement. It is appropriate for small business for clients attracting. It is a good start for little business.

Online business cards consist of 3-5 pages. It is simple enough and may have a different design.


Gallery Website:

It is a website, which consists of a lot of pictures of hand-made things or photo.

It is a good idea for the photographer and other artists, who want to make a statement and to increase trades.

Site-gallery has the same structure as an online business card.
A built-in photo gallery is mosta distinguishing feature.


Corporate Website:

It is a website, where the company publishes main information, news and results of previous projects. All the information on the official website is proved.

This type of site has a lot of pages and complicated structure. It is connected with the opportunity to make the lead.

It is must have for all type of businesses, which want to be well-known.


Topical Website:

It is a website, which consists of a big amount of information connected with one particular topic. This kind of sites usually has more than 20 pages and complicated structure. 

During developing such kind of sites developer focus on research field.  Topical websites are appropriate for artists.


Shop & eCommerce site:

It is a popular website, which is created for doing trade on the Internet. Usually, It is websites with a lot of pages and complicated structure. They consist of a catalog with the products and all details about that.

Automatized payment systems are the distinguishing features of Internet-shops.


Website Catalogue:

It is a website, which consists of a list of products. It has a complicated structure and a big number of pages. There are price-lists, which users may upload.

This type of site is appropriate for businesses, which have a big number of services.


Promo Website:

It is a not official company's website, which consists of 5-10 pages and shows just one product. Such kind of website is created for advertising and increasing level of trade.

It is usually full of animation and complicated elements to increase the number of page view.

It is appropriate for all businesses, which have a big list of products or services.


News Portal:

It is a powerful informational website, which consists of only news from a different sphere of life. The goal of this site is to deliver information to users as quickly as it is possible.

Such kind of websites is powerful tools for advertisement. So, it is appropriate for all businesses, which need to increase trade.

News-cite usually has a complicated structure and simple design not to deflect attention.


Content project:

It is a website with the same structure as a site-gallery, but It is consists of different types of files like video, images, books, articles.

It is appropriate for artists to share their works.